AUBURN — The School Department budget for 2019-20 is $2 million higher than this yr’s, as proposed through Superintendent Katy Grondin.

The proposed budget is $45.Sixty-nine million, up from $43.69 million.

If surpassed as proposed, the impact on assets taxes would be a 2.69 percent boom. For a property valued at $150,000, the annual tax hike would be $36.Ninety-six, in keeping with Business Manager Adam Hanson.

Grondin described the price range as one which maintains programs, creates assist for college kids wherein wished but is “fiscally accountable.”

Last 12 months, the faculty finances did not boom belongings taxes.

Of the $2 million increase, about $1 million is needed to cowl pay raises and health blessings.


The last boom is essentially for 13 positions new to the budget, including five to be able to save the district money within a long time, Grondin said.

The five new positions might be one instructor and 4 instructional technicians for a brand new, in-house unique education application for kindergarten students with autism at Walton School.

The program would price $206,000. If the in-residence software isn’t created, the students may be despatched to an out-of-district program at a value of $55,000 in line with a student. That would price $thirteen,000 greater than creating an in-residence program, Grondin said. The software ought to expand, developing extra savings.

The wide variety of young college students with autism is rising. Last year Auburn needed to place eight incoming kindergarten students out of district at a value of $298,383. Of the 8, seven had autism. In the fall of 2018, Auburn placed 4 incoming kindergarten students with autism at an expected cost of $260,763. In each year those expenses have been unanticipated, Grondin said.

The School Committee has asked for a way to reduce the number of Auburn college students despatched out of the district. “This is our notion,” Grondin stated.

The 3 Washburn positions are new to the finances however not new to the college. This yr they’re included with the aid of a federal college-improvement grant this is jogging out, Grondin said.

With the assist from the improvement provides, “Washburn is doing remarkable work,” Grondin stated. “We want to keep that work.”

The proposed price range continues incredibly modest elementary elegance sizes. They vary from a low of 15 college students in grades one and at East Auburn Elementary to twenty-five college students in some 5th- and 6th-grade classes at East Auburn, Fairview, and Walton.

Class size averages for basic faculties are East Auburn, 20; Fairview, 21; Park Avenue, 20; Sherwood Heights, 20; Walton, 19 and Washburn, 19.

The School Committee is scheduled to vote May 1 on a budget a good way to go to the City Council for a vote. The council is scheduled to vote at the price range May thirteen, with electorate having the very last say June eleven.

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