The average Marion County property owner pays 3% extra in property taxes this yr, the assessor’s workplace announced Wednesday.

Salem citizens in Marion County pays $19.53 in keeping with $1,000 of assessed belongings value, down from $19.87 final yr.

Oregon’s constitution caps assessed value increases at 3%. Property taxes are based totally on assessed values and tax fees which can range when bonds are passed or paid off.

A Salem domestic with a real marketplace value of $271,208 closing yr could’ve paid taxes on $176, a hundred and forty really worth of the assessed price, leaving ultimate 12 months’ bill at $3,499. This yr that same home might have a real marketplace value of $296,840 and could be taxed on $181,420 of assessed value, making this 12 months’ taxes increase slightly to $3,544.


Salem is experiencing the county’s lowest tax increase of 1% with the expiration of a Salem-Keizer faculty bond.

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West Salem, which is in Polk County, also saw a fee decrease, from $18.Ninety-two per $1,000 of assessed price closing yr, to $18.Sixty-seven this year. Earlier this yr, Polk County citizens exceeded a public safety levy that taxed 42 cents according to $1,000 of assessed value. Polk County Assessor Valerie Patoine said west Salem didn’t sense that growth due to other bonds that got paid off.

In Keizer, citizens will pay $sixteen.Forty-one in step with $1,000 of assessed belongings price. For a domestic with an assessed fee of $201,050, taxes will price $three,379.

Tax fee in line with $1,000 by way of the metropolis. (Graphic by way of Saphara Harrell)

Countywide, actual market value expanded by using greater than 9%, up to $50.7 billion. In Polk County, real marketplace price increased 10% to $10.Eight billion.

Marion County has 131,000 belongings tax debts, stated Marion County Assessor Tom Rohlfing.

Rohlfing pointed to a healthful economic system and excessive employment as motives for the increase in domestic values. He additionally said enterprise hobby inside the place, just like the Amazon fulfillment center in southeast Salem, is spurring increase.

“I’d say there’s pretty a piece of new assets, improvement has been robust,” Rohlfing said.

In Marion County, assets owners owe more than $452 million, up to $15 million from the final 12 months.

A majority of that cash — $176 million — goes to school districts.

Amount Marion County assets owners owe every year. (Graphic by Saphara Harrell)

Properties within the Santiam Canyon School District, which spans from Mill City to Idanha, noticed the best tax boom after passing a college bond that added a levy rate of $2.Forty five per $1,000 of assessed value.

For the common domestic in Mill City with an assessed value of $ ninety-five,000 that provides an additional $232 in taxes.

The cities of Woodburn and Jefferson will see tax increases of about 5% because of new Fire District Local Option Levies. The towns of Aurora and Donald will see a tax growth of approximately 6% because of the Aurora Fire District Local Option Levy.

Woodburn belongings proprietors pay the county’s highest fees, both $19.91 or $19.86 per $1,000 of assessed price depending on whether or not or not they live inside the soil and water district.

Salem’s biggest taxpayers are Portland General Electric, Centurylink and Northwest Natural Gas Co., which all pay more than $1 million in belongings taxes every 12 months.

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