Chennai-based Kuwy Technology arranges mortgage approvals in five mins flat

With over a long time of experience within the automotive enterprise, either promoting additives or two-wheelers or used-automobiles, B Ganesh Kumar, CEO, Kuwy Technology Service Pvt Ltd, knows a factor or about the used-automobiles business. He understood that obtaining loans become one in every of the most important hurdles that the ones buying used-motors had to face. They borrowed from family and friends or went to the casual region, paying usurious charges of interest. Lack of penetration of formal credit was additionally why the used-cars section was not growing as fast because it has to.

“I determined to get into the transaction space. I located that the maximum crucial component was getting the right of entry to to credit score. The new vehicle enterprise is extra organized, whereas the used-vehicle commercial enterprise is not so. My knowledge lies in used-vehicles. From 2004, I have been most effective within the used-automobiles enterprise,” says Ganesh.

According to him, the finance penetration in the used-cars commercial enterprise is simply 15 according to the cent, while within the new vehicles segment it’s miles extra than 75 in step with cent. He based Kuwy to deliver an era product and feature used-car sellers use the app to assist customers to get instant loan approval.

He asserts that there is cash available in masses and demand for financing used-automobiles purchase. It is simply that banks and non-banking finance businesses take a long term to go through the paperwork earlier than they can even tell a potential borrower whether or not she or he is eligible for a mortgage and, if so, on what phrases. Kuwy’s consciousness, he says, is on making sure access to credit score and doing it paper-less.

He labored for a year on building the product that would make certain immediate approval for a loan software. “We have to have the generation wherein a purchaser is going to a dealership and he shortlists a automobile and gets stocks his credentials, that’s without delay verified and the mortgage is accepted,” says Ganesh. He demonstrates the use of the product to expose that the whole technique of validating software will take much less than 5 minutes.

Earlier, a used-car purchaser would have to go to diverse banks and NBFCs, discover their interest rates and phrases, put up diverse files and complete the paperwork. It may want to take 7-10 days for a mortgage to be sanctioned. Now, Kuwy promises the approval in less than five minutes and an afternoon or – or even less if all the files are effortless to be had – for a purchaser to get the loan and take shipping of the car.
What they do

Ganesh says that Kuwy has approximately 25 lenders, such as banks and NBFCs on its platform, except a number of personal lenders that lend to automobiles which might be more than 10 years vintage. Kuwy validates the vehicle – ownership, 12 months of manufacture, insurance, and different info – and additionally does a brief appraisal of the borrower’s credit-worthiness based totally on his or her PAN and different details. It throws up more than a few options, at the least five that are prepared to lend and their terms and situations. If the borrower has all of the documents accessible, they may be digitally uploaded and the borrower can choose the lender from which he or she can get the loan. Kuwy costs the borrowers on their credit-worthiness. The organization also ensures that the ownership of the automobile is transferred within the name of the new proprietor. It is then up to the bank or the NBFC to accumulate the month-to-month repayment. Kuwy receives its profits from the bank or NBFC, as a percentage of the mortgage amount sanctioned.

According to Ganesh, they took a yr to build the product as several integrations were required. The app had to be included with the credit score bureaus. It had to be made compatible with Vahan – the centralized automobiles registry of the Union Road Transport and Highways Ministry. The app also had to include the business rules of all the creditors which might be there on its platform. The product became examined out on the field before it became released in August 2018, on account that when greater than five,000 transactions have been performed at the platform.

He says that he and his co-founder Yogeshwaran, who runs his personal assignment and has years of enjoying in the economic offerings industry, installed about ₹1 crore of their own money to start July. The company raised some other ₹7 crores from pals to build the generation platform and the product.

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