Our journey began in 2014 with a dream of bringing nature’s real good on your breakfast tables. In 2015 a few like-minded ‘Angels’ got here together to provide us the good deal-wished runway, and we were flying.

The pace of increase changed into scorching, and so was the burn. By December 2017, our begin-ups bank account was almost empty. Amidst high anxieties of assembly vendor payments and earnings disbursement, came dreaded to be aware of fulfilling the Income-tax assessing officer.

It turned into only the start of our nightmare.

The queries, to position it mildly, had been centered on Angel Tax. It appeared that elevating angel funding was as close to a heinous crime as I should devote. The way earnings tax officer spoke to me made me feel as though I am going for walks a shell enterprise wherein I become changing someone’s black monies to white.


I turned into livid and irritated at the lack of awareness of the tax department. I idea kingdom and entire tax paperwork become with our PM in #startupindia, but this episode got here as a rude awakening.

The handiest known manner to explicit that anger to me was through twitter. And I did explicitly. I also tagged Union Minister for Finance Arun Jaitley and few media homes. The tweet became purely out of helplessness and frustration. But little did I recognize that it might connect me with a whole lot of latest human beings including founders, bureaucrats and media folks.

Never in my dream did I suppose that I would be scripting this piece of redemption and desire, fifteen months down the line in this subject matter.

I realized that like myself all the founders had been scared of overtly confronting government in trendy and forms in particular.

Almost in a single day, I changed into compelled to turn out to be torchbearer against this apathy. My tweet had garnered 1. Five lakh attain and now in no manner I should have hidden everywhere. My circle of relatives turned into involved; investors also asked me to head slow; however, my co-founder, Puru and I knew there was no other manner.

We didn’t have Rs 40 Lakhs to pay that tax. The simplest choice left to us changed into to combat all of it out.

The organization of founders had a few luminaries who had a cling of how bureaucracy functioned in Delhi. They helped us get a target market with applicable officers. The biggest getting to know for me turned into authorities equipment appears at anybody guilty till proven in any other case. Then got here the realization that we can’t change that. The quicker we be given it, the simpler might be navigation. We noticed the motive that babus had been reluctant in easing the tips due to their `sticking-to-ebook’ attitude, but they were very open to listening.

We realized that time is an essential commodity while handling paperwork. We figured out methods to manage a couple of notifications starting from Feb 2018 until Jan 2019. Speaking to babus more than one instances made us realize that they don’t have a private vendetta but are doing their jobs. They weren’t emotional like us founders about the start-united states of America they are addressing, however honestly doing their everyday routine.

Now the controversy on Angel Tax was heating up in us of a. Many startup surroundings leaders were making their reviews heard but through measured and politically correct statements.

We additionally began getting actual-lifestyles memories with wrong information about this difficulty.

A bankrupt founder wrote to us while he was given a be aware of threatening to connect his private assets. Another founder yelped when he located his financial institution account frozen and cash is taken away by way of the department. In one outrageous case, an entrepreneur observed out that funding made by his mother inside the entity become now deemed illegal. Many stated that they have been shifting their businesses out of India.

We were set off in letting the complete environment recognize approximately the ensuing prejudices. Media did play its anchor function as being the fourth pillar of democracy. It helped us in making our pain visible to all applicable stakeholders. It rallied behind us with enthusiasm and publications like CNBC, ET Now, Entrackr, TOI and so forth. It got here out overtly to help the purpose.

The culmination turned into the Angel Tax round desk. Finally, the stage was set wherein all appropriate government departments came together to lend an attentive ear to our woes. This gave us wish and additionally the veil of opaqueness shrouding government functioning was uplifted. We realized that those officers are as keen to help the atmosphere as we’re.

A few days lower back, we got individually addressed mail from the Income-tax branch. The notification mentions who/how/while a begin-up can improve angel funding. Though this hasn’t solved all our issues; however the ball has been set rolling in the right path for sure.

Further notification states that we don’t must fear approximately angel funding anymore. We want to worry about how to make India an actual startup country.

I take this possibility to thank DPI & CBDT. A thumbs up is likewise for involved ministries.

I am back to buddies and circle of relatives for budget due to the fact my united states of America and my startup is evolving.

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